Welcome to dark world.

Literally Lost.

"When you say no one loves you and that you aren't good enough. I bite my lip because you're all I've ever wanted. -AKR"
  Anonymous said:
Hey ! I like your blog but who's -AKR ?

owner of the quotes in my description box :3

  Anonymous said:
i love ur description .. when you say no one loves you and that you aren't good enough. i bite my lip because you're all i've ever wanted...

ahahaha me too
so i put it there

  Anonymous said:
you giving out any advice?


  Anonymous said:
i think you dont have too much content on your blog compare with other blog why you got so many followers? how many posts you got?

idk i got 1k posts..

  Anonymous said:
if i turn off anon will you check out my blog?

turn off anon and send me message xx

  Anonymous said:

thank you xx ily

  Anonymous said:
do you answer all the ask you got?

cause I hate the feeling of sending somebody message and waiting for it
I just try to answer all the messages I got as soon as possible :)

  Anonymous said:
awesome blog deserve 5k!

aww thank you xx

  Anonymous said:
congrats for 5k i barely got 100 .. do you do promos or check out any other blogs?

Thank you :D
Turn off anon and let me check out yours
I don’t usually do promos .. but sometime I do blog rate
Just turn off anon and send me any message

omgg thank you for 5k xx
when I started this account I never expect this much from you guys
you guys are awesome and ily xx
sorry that I have not been here a lot like before
I got depressed lately .. also I do get exam this upcoming Saturday
I promise you when I finish my exam I will be here for you
thank you for keep in touch and never unfollowing me

-everything is on queue
-you can message me cause I’m on semi-hiatus not officially hiatus
-please, please, please if anyone interesting to take care of my blog please message me .. cause I need co-owner

love you babe

  beauobscurite said:
I just found your blog, I love it! You got another follower c:

aww thank you
check out yours too
you also got another follower <3
love bebe xx

  dixange said:
[+Follow] I really like your blog and music. Creepy and beautiful.

thank you xx
love yours too
just rape your follow button